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You will indulge in pastimes. Arrival of guests will bring in an air of festivity and happiness, says Ganesha. You will be filled with extra-ordinary self-confidence and will be able to take on huge risks. Sportspersons will be able to make a lot of progress in their fields. You will square off against any obstacles in your way using your entire might.

While it is a good day for you, keep a curb on your speculations, says Ganesha. In all likelihood, you will be eager to grab the monetary challenges that come your way, as they only enhance your desire for success. You will bring up new ideas and better methods of tackling the challenges on hand. Ganesha gives you an assurance that your present business views will do you a world of good. Ganesha says the inner artist in you will come to the surface today and you will showcase your imagination powers too. You will be able to focus on topics of interest today.

Those of you in the field of interest will find themselves moving ahead.

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There may be signing of beneficial legal deals today for you. Ganesha says today is going to be a very good and successful day for you. You may be in a mood to build castles in the air today, says Ganesha. You may be caught up in a whirlpool of thoughts and nostalgia. However, you will soon realise that the time once gone, never comes back and so, you make up for the lost time by beginning the new chapter of your life from today itself. A la a phoenix from the ashes, find yourself reborn as the perfect family person. You are bound to shower love and care on your betrothed.

Children, too, will receive your share of love, and they will love it. Enjoy spending quality time with your loved one, says Ganesha.

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You are busy as a beaver. It is extremely difficult for you to think for yourself as you are all tied up by the demands of your work.

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You want to be creative, but again, the workload will not let you have that freedom, says Ganesha. Wat Phrathat Nakhorn Phanom in Nakhorn Phanom northeast Thailand is the Buddhist temple for people born in the year of the monkey, for example. Paying a visit, meditating and making offerings here would be recommended. Another good deed would be to plant, maintain and protect jack trees as these are where the guardian spirits of people born in the year of the monkey dwell.

In addition to predictions related to the Thai zodiac, this manuscript contains explanations on how to interpret certain omens and signs that people may see in dreams.

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For example, dreaming about being murdered is regarded as a reverse omen and means that the person will gain wealth and defeat enemies. If one sees a Buddha image or the sun in a dream, it is interpreted that the person will have power and authority over enemies. Dreaming of seeing moonlight means there will be trouble with your partner, while a heart being torn out predicts the loss of a loved one.

Many aspects in Thai horoscope manuscripts deal with marital relationships and match-making. There are detailed explanations on which types of people are good or bad matches for marriage.

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  7. Illustrations and advice about marital relationships. Shown here are two men, one in a relationship with a woman of divine character, the other in a relationship with a woman of demonic character. Shown in the image above is the combination of a male human with a woman who has the virtues of a deity. Such a couple will be blessed with children, but will argue and not be able to live happily together. The same is predicted for a marriage between a male human with a woman of a demonic character like a yakkhini.

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    They can marry and have children, but will not be able to live happily together. Quaritch Wales: Divination in Thailand. The hopes and fears of a Southeast Asian people. London and Dublin, Curzon Press, Henry Ginsburg: Thai art and culture. Historic manuscripts from Western collections. London, British Library, Jana Igunma: When an angel meets a demon: Advice on love and relationships in a Thai divination manual. In she received a Master's degree in Library and Information Science at Humboldt University Berlin and went on to specialise in the history of Thai and Lao manuscripts and manuscript art.

    She started working at the British Library as curator for Thai, Lao and Cambodian Collections in and has since been involved in various digitisation projects and exhibitions. As a result of her research interests she has published articles and book chapters in print and online publications. What's my Thai horoscope? Article written by: Ms Jana Igunma.

    Our curator for Thai, Lao and Cambodian collection explains the importance of divination in Eastern culture. What was the purpose of horoscopes in Thai society? Phrommachat horoscope manual Folio with illustrations of omens for interpretation by a divination specialist. What are Thai horoscope manuals? What are the animals of the Thai zodiac and their meanings? You can use this chart to identify which animal your year of birth corresponds with. Their sex life can be incredibly emotional and demanding, for the pull of their energies is extremely strong and makes them both obsessive and possessive to one another.

    They will both often get so tied that their relationship seems impossible to break.

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    These ties are created through their physical contact, even if everything else in their relationship makes them deeply unsatisfied. If Scorpio cannot trust someone, it is Libra. How could they when there seems to be an obvious need in their Libra partner to show how attractive and sensual they are to the rest of the world. Even though this is the worst case scenario, this atmosphere will probably be present in any Libra Scorpio couple on a smaller scale.

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    The question is — are they ready to live like this every day? If they accept this as a way of sharing true, deep love, than their trust issues might not be much of a problem however weird they might seem. Their communication is the exact place where the connection of Libra to Saturn comes in handy. This will give Libra the ability to slow down, breathe in, and understand the impulsive acts or words of their Scorpio partner. There is just enough depth in both of these signs, even though Libra is an Air sign and quite distant from planet Earth. This will allow just enough understanding between them in a rational sense.

    Their differences could be very difficult to reconcile if they get too close to each other and start meddling in their personal lives and decisions. There is an incredible intensity to their feelings when they do fall in love. Libra looks for an active, fiery partner that will awaken their life force and bring light into their life. When a spark exists between them, it will easily build up to a fire, burning entire cities, forests and everyone on its way including both of them. In other words, Libra will accumulate the unexpressed sexual energy and it will burst in Scorpio, leading to a lifelong war if enough is pushed under the rug.

    This will be construed as ultimate love, making their emotional relationship ridiculously intense. Both of these partners will value consistency and commitment and this is something that will connect them in the first place. With Libra frowning at indecent behavior, Scorpio will have indecent friends, honest about their act and fully accepted and respected for that.